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Echota DVD

November 20, 2008

This is a video that we collaborated on with Mark Mooney at Crescent Moons films. I think there are quite a few reasons that make it successful for a real estate video.

1. The owners tell the story and it is heartfelt.  It was not at all scripted.  We got a few couples together and did candid interviews that went so well that Mark and Rodney were able to tell “their” story, not that of the developer.

2. It is all actual footage.

3. It really captures the beauty and views of Echota but still over delivers when you get there.

4. It is appropriate in length at just 6 minutes.

5. Mark Harrill comes across as real and approachable.

Take a look and we would love your feedback.  The response has been great at cocktail parties and in the sales office.

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