Do you want to wow your customers with an impressive Web site? First you must get them to it. Despite lightning-fast Web developments, one thing hasn’t changed: if your company isn’t appearing at the top of the search engine rankings, your competition is.

There are a number of free marketing tools to increase your likelihood of search engine success, including starting a company blog, creating an online buzz through viral videos, social networking and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

One easy way to get started is by optimizing your current Web site for SEO content. Here are five quick tips for writing or rewriting your online copy:

1.    Include specific keyword phrases whenever possible.
2.    Remember: headlines are weighted more heavily than other content.
3.    Page titles should accurately describe the page’s content. (makes sense, right?)
4.    Each page should have 200 to 300 words of keyword-rich text.
5.    Add pages—the more indexed pages the better.

Clearly, these suggestions aren’t true for every circumstance. As a writer, I can see the pitfalls of creating content simply for the sake of content. And I understand the fear of butchering your copy by injecting keyword phrases everywhere.

But in the end, if you are hoping to create a content-driven site that will be read by potential customers and all of the web crawlers, you will need to strike a balance between satisfying your muse and appeasing the algorithms. If you are a smart marketer, you can do both.