Kick Start Your Low-Cost, High-Impact Marketing Plan for 2009 Now.

November 29, 2008

Sure times are tough. But not marketing will only prolong the pain. Start planning now for your success in 2009 with a focus on your online and database marketing programs.

There is little doubt that those who manage to maintain a visible marketing presence during the down market will be among the first to reap the rewards of a recovery.

There are still buyers out there. And marketers have a number of relatively low-cost tools to reach them that weren’t available during the downturns of the past. Not surprisingly, many of these tools are available through the Web. What truly is surprising is how few real estate marketers take advantage of them.

Search Engine Marketing Fro Greater ROI.

Your 2009 Marketing Plan should begin with effective Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. Chances are, you have a Web site. But is it working for you as hard as it could be? Are you pushing your Web site to your customers or pulling your customers to you? Can they find you in their search? If not, they’ll most certainly find your competition. Search Engine Optimization and online marketing currently generate a much greater cost-per-lead than print media and both are easier to track. But the faster you plan a Search Engine Marketing strategy for 2009, the faster you will reap the rewards. It often takes months to see results. But they’re worth the wait.

Your Closest Sale is in Your Database.

Let’s not forget your database in your 2009 plan. There are definitely sales there. Our research shows that up to 5% of your database has already purchased elsewhere. Those sales could have been yours if you were constantly servicing your leads. Begin a meaningful dialogue with your database again. When they do decide to take advantage of the market and purchase their dream, you’ll be top-of-mind.


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